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Monday to Thursday 6pm-9pm

Supper is available for all hotel customers as an added service from Monday to Thursday for 13,50€ per person. Hotel Verso's supper-menu varies based on the best seasonal ingredients, feel free to ask us the day's choices. The chosen dish will be served to your table straight from the open kitchen. The dish, cooked to order, is always fresh, tasty, and in case of pasta or risotto - hot and cooked to perfection. The menu changes daily so during a longer stay it will never get dull. Supper always includes green salad and fresh, homemade house bread, made on the same day by Verso's own baker.

From the open kitchen to your plate

Our chef prepares the cooked to order supper in our open kitchen. The chosen dish will be served at the table with a smile. 

The dish

The dish, made by Verso's chefs, consists of high-quality local produce. Salad is combined from fresh seasonal ingredients. We guarantee that your dish will be cooked to perfection.

Seasonal ingredients

The menu consists of the besg seasonal ingredients and salad which changes daily. The basis for fresh, tasty and additive-free food is the best products and ingredients of the season. 

A journey full of flavour

Our supper includes a side dish green salad of the house and fresh bread, baked by our own baker, which will be served as you arrive. Our sommelier has carefully chosen a wine for every dish - we encourage you to try them. 


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